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ENow specializes in optimizing the service delivery of mission-critical Microsoft collaboration and identity infrastructure. Our digital experience monitoring and analytics for Entra ID, Active Directory and Microsoft 365 transforms the way IT supports these complex services which enable organizations to improve service delivery, increase workplace productivity, and lower total cost of ownership while maintaining robust security against unauthorized access.

ENow is Trusted by Leading Brands

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About ENow

Group 31@2x (1) ENow has been a trusted Microsoft partner for 19 years
Group 31@2x (4) We also hold a Type 2 SOC certification
Group 31@2x-2 (1) We’ve served clients in over 130 countries around the world
Group 32@2x-3 Product development done by Microsoft security MVPs

Managing the volume of Entra ID Apps is very challenging. The native Microsoft tools do not make it easy to understand how big the problem is in a tenant. Misconfigured and overprivileged apps are a huge problem and are now being exploited by adversaries. It's awesome ENow has tackled this problem head on.

Sander Berkouwer, 15x Microsoft MVP Security
Sander Berkouwer, 15x Microsoft MVP Security

Application Governance is a crucial aspect of Zero Trust, as it ensures that your applications are secure and compliant. With App Governance Accelerator, I can monitor my Application Governance using a simple and intuitive score card. The application will help me achieve our application governance goals with ease and confidence.

Matthew Levy, 5x Microsoft Security MVP
Matthew Levy, 5x Microsoft Security MVP

What’s Your AppGov Score?

Get complete insight and control over your Entra ID applications


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