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What’s Your AppGov Score?

The ENow AppGov Score is a free security assessment tool that will quantify your Microsoft Entra ID application governance state.

In addition to providing your AppGov Score, the tool will provide a comprehensive Application Governance Assessment report that includes each test, your result and why the test matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Permissions Are Required?
  • To get your AppGov report, somebody with Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) will need to consent.
  • The application will require the following read only permissions:
    • Microsoft Graph - Directory.Read.All
    • Microsoft Graph - EntitlementManagement.Read.All
    • Microsoft Graph - Policy.Read.All
    • Microsoft Graph - RoleManagement.Read.All
How Long Does It Take To Get My Report?
  • For organizations with under 2,000 apps, it take approximately 5 minutes. For larger organizations it can take up to an hour. You can be notified via text or email when the report is ready.
Who decides what the AppGov Score consists of?
  • The AppGov Score methodology is governed by several long time Microsoft Security MVPs. If you have feedback, please post it our forums or contact us.
Is the AppGov Score tool really free?

Yes, it is free. No payment or credit card information is required to obtain your AppGov Score and assessment report. There are paid versions available (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) if your organization is looking for expanded capabilities. 

ENow is Trusted by Leading Brands

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Managing the volume of Entra ID Apps is very challenging. The native Microsoft tools do not make it easy to understand how big the problem is in a tenant. Misconfigured and overprivileged apps are a huge problem and are now being exploited by adversaries. It's awesome ENow has tackled this problem head on.

Sander Berkouwer, 15x Microsoft MVP Security
Sander Berkouwer, 15x Microsoft MVP Security

Application Governance is a crucial aspect of Zero Trust, as it ensures that your applications are secure and compliant. With App Governance Accelerator, I can monitor my Application Governance using a simple and intuitive score card. The application will help me achieve our application governance goals with ease and confidence.

Matthew Levy, 5x Microsoft Security MVP
Matthew Levy, 5x Microsoft Security MVP