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Introducing ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0: Strengthening Your Defenses Against OAuth Attacks

March 21, 2024 ENow Software

Introducing ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0: Strengthening Your Defenses Against OAuth Attacks

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your organization's assets against evolving threats is paramount. Recent events, such as the Midnight Blizzard attacks on Microsoft, underscore the pressing need for robust security measures. Many organizations are vulnerable to the same type of OAuth-related attacks executed by Midnight Blizzard and Microsoft reported on March 8th, 2024 that they saw a 10-fold increase in volume of similar attacks in February. Relying solely on scripts, legacy tools, and manual efforts to identify all vulnerabilities and threats within Microsoft Entra ID presents a significant challenge when time and focused efforts are key to improving your application security posture. 

That's why we're thrilled to announce that the ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0 release is now in GA, equipped with advanced features designed to fortify your defenses against OAuth-related attacks and streamline app management within Microsoft Entra ID. 

Detect and Defend with Enhanced Hunting Features 

ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0 introduces powerful Hunting features, crafted to identify vulnerabilities and thwart potential threats lurking within your Microsoft Entra ID. In response to the surge in OAuth-related attacks, including those seen by Microsoft, our new Hunting capabilities offer proactive defense mechanisms. These reports highlight if your tenant has apps with the same permissions used in the attack against Microsoft. Leveraging these features, you can stay one step ahead of malicious actors, safeguarding your organization's digital infrastructure. 

Streamline Management with Advanced Query Builder and Email Alerting Policies 

Efficiently managing Microsoft Entra ID apps is integral to ensuring operational resilience. With ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0, we've amplified your capabilities with the introduction of the Advanced Query Builder. Enterprise edition subscribers can now effortlessly construct complex data queries within supported reports, facilitating deeper insights into app usage and configuration. Use advanced filters to narrow down search results and find exactly what you want. 

Moreover, staying informed about critical changes to your applications is imperative. Our Email Alerting Policies empower you to track expiring credentials, mitigating the risk of service disruptions. Receive prompt alerts directly to your designated SMTP address or ServiceNow instance email addresses, ensuring uninterrupted functionality of mission-critical applications. 

Empowering Your Security Arsenal: Key Benefits of ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0 

  • Enhanced Hunting Reports: All subscribers gain access to new Hunting information, offering comprehensive insights into potential threats.
    • Enterprise and Professional edition subscribers unlock detailed Hunting reports, offering granular visibility into app permissions.
    • Standard edition subscribers and new App Gov Score (Freemium) registrants will gain access to 3 Hunting summary reports showing the number of apps with potential Midnight Blizzard-related vulnerabilities in Microsoft Entra ID.  
  • Advanced Query Builder: Enterprise edition subscribers can harness the power of the Advanced Query Builder, enabling swift and precise data querying for informed decision-making. 
  • Email Alert Policies: Enterprise and Professional edition subscribers can define customized Email Alert Policies, ensuring proactive management of expiring credentials and uninterrupted application functionality. 
  • Regular Data Updates: Enjoy peace of mind with twice-daily updates of data for Enterprise and Professional edition subscribers, ensuring real-time visibility into your organization's security posture. 
  • While we had the hood open, we also improved a few reports and fixed some minor issues. 

Take Control of Your Security Landscape 

ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.0 empowers organizations to take control of their security landscape, equipping them with the tools needed to proactively illuminate potential threats and streamline app management in Entra. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is not just a priority—it's imperative. With ENow, you can fortify your defenses and navigate the digital terrain with confidence. 

For a comprehensive overview of all features and improvements introduced in this release, please contact us to schedule a call. 

Update for ENow App Governance Accelerator 2.1 maintenance release (GA on 04/03/24), included:

  • A walk-through of the steps required to lock down the App Governance Accelerator app itself. The importance of securing Enterprise Applications, including our own, cannot be overstated. 
  • Advanced Query Builder window now allows for more information. 
  • General improvements to reports and minor issues.

Stay secure. Stay ahead. 

Do you know what apps are lurking in your tenant? ENow App Governance Accelerator helps organizations quickly get in control of their Entra ID apps and remain in control. It enables them to understand their current security posture, what they need to do to improve it, and accelerates making the necessary changes to get to their desired state. Get the ENow App Governance Accelerator Platform today!

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